History Of Furfura Sharif      Harmonious Harbinger (Nabi/Prophet) Day



Isale – Sawab of Furfura Sharif is not a fair or ‘Urs’ , it is rather practicing centre of the purification of soul. Peer Abu Bakkar Siddiqui (Rh:) , the renowned reformer , established this great congregation of brotherhood 118 years ago , on 21st Falgun of Bengal , year 1298 . He named this congregation as ‘Mahfil – e – oaj – Darjamae (Ah:) Aisale Sawab or meeting for good advice and sacred deeds . Now a days it is called Isale – Sawab in short . Peer Abu Bakkar Siddiqui (Rh:) lost his father in his early childhood and was reared by his loving mother Mohabbatunnesa . Initially he was admitted in a primary school, but afterwards in order to learn religious and social subjects, was studied at Sitapur Endowment Madrasa and later achieved highest degree from Haji Mohammad Mahasenea Madrasa of Hooghly with distinction . Then he studied Islamic texts from Hafez Allama Jamaluddin of Sindhuria Patti , Kolkata and Islamic philosophy and science from Allama Belayati . After that he achieved certificates for 40 Sanads of Hadis sherif from Mecca – Madina . Lastly his industrious continuous spiritual study for 15 years helped him to achieve the peerdom from Sufi Sayyad Fateh Ali Oyesee of Maniktala , Kolkata. Afterwards he dedicated himself for religious and social reform . He died at the age of 93 year (1252-1345) Bengali era .

The movement among the degraded Muslim community which took place in conjunction of 19th and 20th centuries was two pronged. Peer Abu Bakkar Siddiqui ( Rh:) himself was the leader of the religion reform movement . The other was for self consciousness ,era consciousness , national consciousness or according to the research scholars revolution for Muslim awakening . In this regard his contribution is worth mentioning and demands special appreciation. That is why he was called as Mojadded –e– Zaman or Social reformer . He had huge influence over the elite , educated society of that era . He was an undisputed Muslim Incarnation of Allah at that age in Eastern Part of India. He was established a large number of Educational Institutions and kept his “Wasiyatnama” or “Will” or “Advisory” duly signed by him alongwith Isale – Sawab at Furfura Sharif on 21st ,22nd ,23rd Falgun of every Bengali year . During this congregation nuisance work , illegal movement of female , anti Islamic work , reading of Namaz at high volume , noise pollution etc is strictly prohibited . The prime aim of Isale Sawab is purification of soul. During this great religious gathering repeatation of the name of deity (Allah) , meditation in the name of Allah , going through the QURAN Sharif , reading Namaz , prayer , pray for peace of soul and reunion of the disciples and followers are being observed . Through this disciples and followers get rid from jealous – hatred and violence.

This congregation is not a business centre . Selling of any kind of stationary, fascinatating , items , toys and books those describes against principles of Grand Dada Hujur are also prohibited .Wearing “Kachha” [hem of the loin cloth tucked behind the waistband between the legs] without wearing anything on head and smoking are strictly prohibited . Dress according to Islamic Sharia is only allowed on those days of Isale Sawab. The agenda of this three day great congregation are :- Reading Namaz with Kamat for five times daily , to keep presence in the Zikir’s Majlish daily morning & evening , keep maintaining peace and discipline , help each other , maintain the life style as narrated in the QURAN and Hadis , to do Mazar jiyarat according to Islamic religious rules and regulations , not to give paisa to the Mazar’s Khadem and even make sure that nobody should do so . Dada hujur did not like male & female would come together during Isale Sawab , since this causes disturbance to get the supreme spirit of being . During Isale Sawab one should wait patiently to take the their food , should assure that nobody is disturbed by other’s . If these rules are followed , the disciples and followers of Furfura Darbar Sharif would definitely get blessings of Grand “Dada Hujur – Mojadded – e – Zaman” .