Furfura Sherif under Jangipara [ PS ] , Dist : Hooghly is the oldest auspicious religious sacred place .

The real name of Hazrat Peer Dada hujur Kebla of Furfura Sharif is Abu Bakkar Siddiqui (Rh:) . His forefather Hazrat Peer Mansur Bagdadi (Rh:) , senapati Hazrat Sayeed Hossain Bokhari (Rh:) etc came to this place about 716 Hijri to propagate Islam . A good number of their associates , friends , devotees , and disciples also accompanied them. They also settled down at this place. In this way , the inception of Furfura Sherif took place. The creator/maker of human being “Allah” sent prophets to free the society from the bondage of sinfulness through different centuries.After that Hazrat Mohammad (Sh:) also sent harbingers (prophets/Nabi) time and again to purify the society and to make the society full of piety . Similarly Social Reformer or Mojadded – e – zaman Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddiqui (Rh:) , well known as Dada Hujur Peer Kebla was born in the holy earth of Furfura , covered by pleasing greeneries . According to heredity , dada hujur peer kebla was related with the first Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddiqui (Ra) .

There are remarkable numbers of prophets ( oli , gous , Kutab , Bujarg , Peer , Religious , mendicant ) lying in the holy earth of Furfura Sharif . That is why Furfura is a sacred place of Sufi and saint worshipers.

Harmonious Harbinger (Nabi/Prophet) Day

Isale Sawab Of Furfura Sharif

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